If you’re on the hunt for a mechanical keyboard that won’t break the bank in 2023, you’ve landed in the right place. I’m Hipyo Tech, and I’ve spent two years diving deep into the world of keyboards, so let me guide you through the maze of affordable options.

The Rules of Recommendation

To ensure the recommendations are top-notch, I’ve set a few rules: the keyboards must be in stock, hot-swappable, and personally vetted by me. A lot has changed since last year’s video; keyboards have become more affordable.

Starting Points for Newcomers

For those just dipping their toes into the mechanical keyboard pool, I’ve selected a lineup of my favorite models from the past year. These are readily available for purchase through the affiliate links in the description, which, by the way, support the channel at no extra cost to you. And here’s a freebie for you – hit the subscribe button if you haven’t yet, as it greatly cheers me up!

The Lineup

The keyboards are listed in no particular order, but I’ve saved the most wallet-friendly for last. A year ago, the Drop Alt was a good option, but its current price of $180-$250 doesn’t hold up as well today. Enter Keychron, a brand you’ll hear a lot about in this video, with the Q2 model that has challenged the Drop Alt’s throne.

Customization and Comfort

Customization is key in the mechanical keyboard community, and hot swap capabilities are a godsend, allowing for switch replacements without soldering. Gasket mounts, which offer a more comfortable typing experience, are a feature we’ll discuss further.

Sound and Aesthetics

Don’t be fooled into thinking customization is all about looks. The right tweaks can also greatly improve sound quality. For example, the Zoom 65, which will restock soon, offers a premium aluminum build and gasket-mounted design.

Numpad Enthusiasts

To the Numpad loyalists, I know you’re out there. While not much has changed for numpad-inclusive keyboards, Keychron’s Q6 offers a full-size numpized keyboard with zero compromises. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the Epomaker GK96S might fit the bill, offering standard features without going overboard.

Compact and Affordable

For those seeking a smaller footprint, last year’s Epomaker EP84 was the go-to. However, Keychron’s new model, which I’ll discuss shortly, offers an even better deal.

Keychron’s Dominance

You may be wondering why Keychron is mentioned so frequently. It’s simple—they’ve been consistently delivering quality keyboards that are customizable and feature-rich. Keychron’s latest offering is even more budget-friendly, which I’ll reveal soon.

Transitioning to Budget Town

The Gamma KK66, featured last year, is still a formidable contender, offering features like south-facing LEDs and hot-swappable switches. It’s an example of a keyboard that’s great as is but has room for personal enhancements.

The Best Value in Keyboards

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here: a keyboard that offers the best value right now. The Keychron K6 comes in at a mere $65 for the barebones version and $84 fully assembled. It’s packed with enthusiast features like dual-stage feet, silicone dampening, and nicely factory-lubed switches.

The Ultra Budget Option

For those on a shoestring budget, I present the $20 E-Yooso keyboard. It’s basic but has immense potential with a bit of TLC. With affordable keycaps and some modding, it can become a stellar performer.


Ultimately, the best keyboard for you depends on what you value most. If having the best out-of-the-box experience is your priority, you might lean towards the slightly pricier options. However, if you’re tight on cash but rich in time, the budget-friendly keyboards could be your best bet. Remember, the keyboard community is welcoming, so any choice will gain you friends in this hobby.

If you think I’ve missed a keyboard worth mentioning, drop a comment below. Your input is invaluable as I continue exploring the world of mechanical keyboards. And who knows, this journey might just go on for years to come.

Keychron K2 vs Keychron V1 vs Keychron Q1

Keychron V1Keychron Q1Keychron K2
Case Material Solid ABS CNC Machined AluminumSolid ABS
Mounting Style Tray Mount Double Gasket Mount
Tray mount
Keycaps Double Shot PBT Double Shot PBT
Double Shot PBT
Switches Keychron K Pro Gateron G Pro
Gateron G Pro
Knob Option YesYesNo
Native QMK/VIA Support YesYesNo
Adjustable Ergonomic Feet YesNoNo
Hot-swappable YesYesNo
Polling Rate 1000 Hz1000 Hz
Stabilizers Screw-inScrew-inNo
Color Options Frosted / CarbonBlack / Silver / BlueFrosted / Carbon
Keyboard Size
75% layout75% layout75% layout

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